hey there i'm Liza, i'm 16 and i'm from Romania. this blog is mostly paramore. sometimes i post other bands too (pierce the veil, bring me the horizon, you me at six, all time low, of mice & men, fall out boy, my chemical romance, sleeping with sirens, set it off). idk let's be friends

The Paramore Box

ok so that’s all with the playlists for today. wiil do the ones in my inbox tomorrow. ‘night!



ambarsaurus asked:
How about a playlist for when you're happy and in love? I want to make one for my girlfriend but I don't know what to put in it.

I’ve got a few:

  • All time low - Under a paper moon, somewhere in neverland(maybe?)
  • Paramore - Still into you, Proof
  • Sleeping with sirens - All my heart, If I’m James Dean you’re Audrey Hepburn (Acoustic) , Iris
  • Marina and the diamonds - Radioactive
  • Simple plan - happy together (this fits perfectly what you asked for haha)
Anonymous asked:
sad about being lied to idk if that makes sense but yeah????xxxxxxx

uhhhh I don’t really have ideas for this one :(((

  • Marina and the diamonds - Lies
  • Paramore - Feeling sorry (??)

also on the topic of lies:

  • You me at six - Lived a lie 

ahhh sorry :((((((((

UPDATE: sleeping with sirens - with ears to see and eyes to hear(acoustic) yess this one is perf


Franklin 2006-2014

Anonymous asked:
thanks a lot for the lullabies playlist, have a nice day/night :)

you’re welcome :)

you too!

Anonymous asked:
3 days ago I broke up with my girlfriend, I love her ..

Ahh I’m so sorry to hear that :(

  • Brand New - Degausser
  • Sleeping with sirens - Sorry
  • So cold - Ben Cocks
  • La dispute - Andria and La dispute - You and I in unison (I don’t know if you’re into this kind of music but personally I love these song a lot and you should listen to them I guess)

I’ll do 3 more playlists (the ones I already have in my inbox) and maybe more tomorrow if I have time. this was fun thank you

igotmyriotgearon asked:
dance-y, energetic, lively


  • Paramore - Anklebiters
  • Panic! at the disco - Ready to go
  • Fall out boy - Young volcanoes
  • Bleachers - I wanna get better

Title: Brick By Boring Brick (Split)
Artist: Paramore
Played: 1,454 plays


Brick By Boring Brick- Paramore; The left ear is a live version from 'iTunes Festival' while the right ear is a live version from 'Celebrity Beach Bowl'

Anonymous asked:
one where i'm really bored and just want to listen to music??

here are some pretty fun songs I’ve been listening to recently:

  • Bleachers - I wanna get better
  • The wombats - Here comes the anxiety
  • Mr brightside - The killers
  • Brand New - seventy times 7